A simple, elderflower variation on the classic Gimlet. A pinch of salt helps the flavours ‘pop’ on the palate. Make the cordial separately, bottle and leave in the fridge for when the time is right to make one of these tasty little drinks! The name references the fact that lime cordial was taken every day to prevent scurvy and it is also the surname of Harriet, the manager of the Refectory Bar in the home of Plymouth Gin.

  • 2.5 parts Plymouth Gin
  • 2 parts Lime, Elderflower and Sea Salt
  • Cordial Edible flowers Shake with ice, strain over fresh ice into Rocks glass

    To make the Cordial – Combine equal parts of finely strained fresh lime juice with elderflower cordial (Bottle Green via Amazon) and a pinch of sea salt. Bottle and refrigerate.