This may be one of the simplest drink’s making techniques, but it still requires attention to detail to ensure a well-made drink. Fundamentally all that is required is to pour all the ingredients of a recipe into a glass with ice and ensure they are well combined.

The Process

  1. Take a clean glass.
  2. Add liquid ingredients.
  3. Ensure ingredients are well combined using a long spoon, or stirrer. Be gentle if carbonated ingredients are being used, you don’t want to over agitate the drink and loose carbonation.
  4. Ensure you leave enough space to pack the glass full of ice. A little more liquid can always be added after the ice is added.
  5. Taste to check balance of flavors
  6. Add as much ice as possible to the glass. The more ice the colder the drink gets and the slower the ice melts.
  7. Top up the glass if needed.
  8. Garnish and serve