Sprig (of mint)

Add to a cocktail for visual appeal and fresh aromas

The Process

  1. Remove leaves up the stem of the mint sprig to the bud at the top.
  2. Cut the stem to a length aproximately 1 ½ – 2 inches long.
  3. Holdoing the bottom of the stem in one hand, lightly tap the bud against your other hand to relaease the aromas from the mint.
  4. Finally, lightly holding the sprig of mint by the bud, push the stem down into the drink to anchor in place.

Apply the same technique when garnishing with any soft herbs.

Fan (apple)

Purely for the aesthetic purposes. But don’t forget, the first taste is always with the eyes.

The Process

  1. Slice an apple in half.
  2. Lay the half flat on you cutting board and cut off the end.
  3. Finely slice 3 or 5 slices of apple
  4. Gently fan the slices out from the bottom and place them into the drink, using the ice in the drink to hold the fan upright, or instead, use a cocktail stick to skewer the fan and hold in place.

This technique can be used for other firm fruits such as pears or plums.