It’s all in the ratio!

If you have never seen a recipe described in parts, here is a short explanation about how to read them and why they are useful.

Recipes need their constituent ingredients broken down into liquid measurements or weights so that they can be accurately replicated. Describing a recipe in ‘parts’ is a universal language, no matter how many guests you are mixing for, or where you are from.

‘Parts’ are also the most useful measurement when preparing drinks for a large number of people, whether pre-batching cocktails or preparing a punch, having the measurements for a single serve is not as helpful as a ‘part’ that can be easily scaled up to whatever volume is required.

To be clear, a ‘part’ is NOT equivalent to a shot or any specific measure. A ‘part’ can be ANY size of measure that is appropriate to the size or amount of drinks being prepared. What is key to a recipe is the RATIO of all the different ingredients, and water, that achieve a balanced drink. It is the ratio of the ingredients to each other that give us the size of each individual ‘part’.

See below how the Pink Buck recipe comes to life in the real world. (Read from Bottom to top).